So…Is ‘The Hunger Games’ the Best Book Since Harry Potter?

Hunger Games Trilogy

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Many people have touted many different books aimed at teens or younger readers as “the next Harry Potter,” but so far, none of these claims has panned out. ‘Twilight’ was certainly popular, but few people would think those books were even close to the Harry Potter Books in quality. But what about ‘The Hunger Games’? Do Harry Potter fans now have a book they can endorse and enjoy? To find out, we did some highly un-scientific polling.

It turns out that many young fans DO think ‘The Hunger Games’ is a great book! They may not like it as much as their beloved Harry Potter, but plenty of the fans of HP also love the HG! This may be because, like the Harry Potter movies and books, Katniss in the Hunger Games must face down the threat of death and win out against the forces of evil. Unlike the HP books, however, Katniss Everdeen often has to rely only on herself.  Harry had plenty of enemies, but he also never lacked for friends and supporters. Katniss has plenty of supporters, but in her story, she is isolated from those supporters, so the only type of support she enjoys from them is long-distance emotional support. The many viewers of the Hunger Games who end up rooting for Kat are not there, in the game, with her, so they are not able to do anything other than hope for the best.

In this way, Katniss is more on her own than Harry ever was. She has to rely on her own skills and quick thinking and ingenuity in order to make it out of the game alive. If you haven’t yet had a chance to read the Hunger Games trilogy, we urge you to try it now! It truly is our favorite book since Harry Potter!