Harry Potter Ebooks for Sale on Pottermore!

The biggest news in the world of Harry Potter since the publication of the last book has to have been the debut of Pottermore, the website JK Rowling has promised will continue the adventures of Harry Potter and friends. Since the website has been delayed for months and months beyond its original projected opening date, most people have been waiting impatiently for word of when it will finally move out of beta and become a fully functioning website. Well, it seems that Ms. Rowling has taken one definitive step closer to that day: today, the long-awaited Harry Potter e-books finally went on sale on Pottermore.

If you don’t own an e-reader, you may not even be aware that, until now, the Harry Potter books have NEVER been made available in ebook format. The only authorized version of the Harry Potter books up to now have been the ones that were published in hardback and in paperback. With so many of the fans of the series being younger (and therefore much more likely to be into the new technologies such as e-ink readers), this has been a long-time desire of many of the readers.

To purchase one of the ebooks, you may go to the Pottermore site and there you will see a link to the ebooks shop. There are indications that other items might be available in the future, but at the moment, the only things available for purchase and download are the ebooks. They are available in epub format, or in Amazon Kindle format (AZW). This only becomes clear during the download process. The process is greatly simplified for those who are in the US or Canada, but other readers can probably figure it out without too much difficulty.