Harry Potter Ebooks Coming Soon!

Harry Potter BooksAccording to news agency Reuters, JK Rowling and her upcoming Pottermore website have struck a deal with ebook distributor OverDrive to publish the first legally available copies of the Harry Potter books in digital ebook format.

The plans were previously announced in vague terms when the public was notified of the plans for the Pottermore site to debut, but the lengthy delays of the site’s debut and other factors left the fate of the ebooks in doubt.  Today’s announcement is the first solid piece of news to come out about the fate of the ebooks in months.

OverDrive partners with thousands of public libraries around the world to distribute copies of ebooks, and the books are free to borrow through many local libraries. It is also expected that the books will be available for purchase for the first time once the Pottermore website goes live!

We don’t know about you, but we are very excited to hear this news!  The only thing that could excite us more is the announcement that Pottermore has finally been finished (or, of course, the announcement of a new Harry Potter book, but we are not holding out hope for that one)!