Harry Potter Movies, Including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, to Be Pulled from Market on Dec. 30th

Harry Potter Blu Ray Box SetWarner Brothers has announced that it intends to proceed with plans to stop shipping the Harry Potter DVDs to retailers beginning on Dec. 30th.  This does not mean that the movies will instantly disappear from store shelves.  Rather, it means that when retailers sell out of a specific item, such as the Harry Potter DVD Box Set of all 8 movies, they won’t be able to order any more from Warner Brothers.  It was widely speculated that this was meant to drum up demand for a new box set that Warner Brothers would release in 2012, and, indeed, Warner Bros. has now confirmed this.  They plan to release a Deluxe Edition in 2012 (probably just in time for Christmas sales).  If this box set is anything like the one that was available in England and in France this year, it is likely to be priced somewhere around $200.  The current box set sells for around $40 or $50 for the regular version, and $70 or $80 for the blu ray version.  If you are interested in getting these movies before they disappear from the shelves, you can find the box set at Amazon here, or if you only need the final movie, number eight, you can find it here.