Harry Potter Movies on Sale for Black Friday–One Day Only!

Amazon has dropped its normal price for the complete 8 film collection of the Harry Potter DVDs from $48.99 to $39.99.  Since Warner Brothers will be pulling these movies from the market at the end of December, this is probably the lowest price we will see before the movies disappear!  Unfortunately, the blu-ray version of the movies has (so far) not been reduced, but Amazon often does specials that last for as little as one hour, so if you are in the market for the Harry Potter Blu-ray DVD box set, you might want to check back often to see if the price has dropped (although the normal price at Amazon is an already-reduced $79.99, so that is already a great deal).


The Blu-Ray box set has now been dropped in price by $10.00 also, so it is now $69.99 for today only (Nov. 25, 2011)!

The prices quoted above are not always the EXACT price at Amazon, since Amazon seems to engage in aggressive price matching.  If the price of one of the Harry Potter films drops at WalMart, for example, it will usually drop soon after at Amazon.  The only way to know the exact price at any moment is to actually visit Amazon and check.

While the ratings of these sets might seem to be low, that is mostly the frustration of some buyers that this was not the “ultimate deluxe” version that they had been wanting.  People were actually posting multiple one star reviews of this collection even before it was released!  In fact, the average rating was a lowly 3 stars on the day it was released, and it has since climbed as the result of ratings from people who had actually bought the collection.  If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a young child or a Harry Potter fan, this is the one to get!