Harry Potter Tattoos

It struck me as funny when I saw how popular Harry Potter tattoos are.  It turns out that a lot of people are very interested in this topic!  We have a good source for some Harry Potter temporary tattoos and Dark Mark Tattoos, but the selection of temporary tattoos is actually pretty limited.Hedwig Tattooo

It’s funny the things people decide to get permanently tattooed on their bodies.  We’ve seen some great tattoos of Dobby the Elf, and also many different types of dark mark or house symbols, such as the Griffindor Crest.  It’s also popular to get one of the spells or a quote from one of the books tattooed.  One of my favorites is simply the work “nox” tattooed on a person’s wrist.Nox Harry Potter Tattoo

I don’t have any great ideas for getting a tattoo myself, but if I had to choose one, it would probably be either a lightning bolt (but not on my forehead!) or a Hedwig tattoo, or possible one featuring Sirius Black.  I would stay away from the Voldemort tattoos, unless I wanted to dress up for Halloween and it was only a temporary tattoo.  Slytherin fans might think differently, though!