Harry Potter Spells and What They Do

Here we present a complete list of Harry Potter spells and what they do. These are all of the spells in the books. If you find a spell that is not included and you think it should be, please feel free to contact us!

Accio Makes an object fly to you
Alohomora Opens a lock
Aparecium Turns invisible ink visible
Avada Kedavra Kills an opponent, the unforgivable curse
Avifors Turns objects into birds
Avis Causes birds to fly out of the tip of your want, along with a loud sound
Crucio Tortures your opponent, another unforgivable curse
Confundus Confuses the target temporarily
Conjunctivitis Makes an opponent’s eyes swell up and itch
Deletrius Erases the evidence of the last spell cast by a wand
Densaugeo Makes the target’s teeth grow out of control
Diffindo splits objects in two
Dissendium opens a door into a cellar
Engorgio Makes an item swell up
Enervate Now called Rennervate, see below
Expecto Patronum Created a Patronus from the end of a wand
Expelliarmus Knocks an object such as a weapon or wand out of an opponent’s hands
Ferula wraps up a broken limb with a splint and bandages
Fidelius Hides a secret in a person’s soul, very powerful
Finite Incantatum Ends a spell that has been cast or that is being cast
Flipendo Knocks something backwards, away from the user
Furnunculus Makes an opponent break out in horrible boils
Homorphus Causes a human who has assumed an animal shape to rever to their human shape
Immobulus Immobilizes the target
Impedimenta Slows down or stops something or someone that is coming at you
Imperio Allows the user to gain complete control over another person
Impervius Makes water slide off a surface
Incendio Starts a fire
Legilimens Lets the user look into the memories of another person
Locomotor Mortis Locks the target’s legs together
Lumos Creates a light at the tip of a wand
Mobiliarbus Moves a tree
Mobilicorpus Moves a body
Morsmordre or Morsmorde Summons the Dark Mark
Nox Douses a light, such as that created by Lumos
Obliviate Erases the memories of an event, making the person oblivious
Orchideous Creates flowers to come out of the tip of a wand
Petrificus Totalus Petrifies the target totally
Point Me Makes a wand act like a compass
Prior Incantato Reveals the last spell that a wand was used to cast
Protego Protects the user
Quietus Makes a room or person quieter
Reducio Makes an item shrink
Reducto Blasts apart a solid object into little pieces
Relashio Causes binding to be released
Rennervate Used to be calle Enervate; brings a stunned person back to consciousness
Reparo Repairs a broken item
Rictusempra makes a person curl up with laughter, as in tickling them
Riddikulus makes a boggart assume a funny shape, thereby depriving it of its power to scare
Serpensortia Conjures a snake
Sonorus Amplifies the voice of the user
Stupefy Stupefies the target
Tarantallegra makes a person’s legs dance out of control
Waddiwasi Blasts out an object that is blocking something
Wingardium Leviosa Makes an object levitate